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MadDesignStudios is the digital playground of Freelance creative designer and pixel perfectionist, Scott Barron.


Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. We can help you ensure your brand sticks in the minds of these people.

Responsive Web

Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come. The Mobile age is with us and your website needs to look just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.

Crafted with Passion

Freelancers are with you every step of the way, from concept to completion. Unlike studios we will pour 120% of our heart and soul into every design.

About me

Hello there, my name is Scott. And welcome to my world. I’m a part-time creative designer and founder of MadDesignStudios based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well
Brian Reed

I have over 7 years experience in the design & web industries, have HND qualifications in Multimedia Design & Design, and have previously worked for clients all over the world. I have been designing media for print and web since 2006. During this time I have worked with a range of clients ranging from individuals to corporate companies. In that time I have gained a comprehensive understanding of how important good design is.

The first and foremost reason for hiring a freelancer is the quality of work. A freelancer is useless without a good portfolio, and to maintain clients, a high standard is a continual requirement. A freelancer is directly responsible for every piece of work produced, and every job must be treated as such. This means every piece of design I complete I strive to make it the best possible solution for the client and as such improve my portfolio for the future.
Freelancers are able to spend more time researching, discovering and experimenting to produce results that deliver beyond the standard. A freelancer is not limited to a standard process, and not bound by a specific procedure.
Innovation is important to a freelancer as they intend to prove their worth – and completing work that is new, different and beyond the capabilities and flexibility of traditional business, ensures this is the case.

Some facts about me

Each completed project makes me even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more code and I always look to improve my skill set. As a result I can deliver an improved client service.

Adobe Creative Suite
WordPress & CMS


I am very passionate about design and love to diversify and keep up to date with the latest design trends.

Branding Design

A brand is much more than a logo design, colour palette and a slogan – it’s the first and last impression that you leave with your audience.

Graphic Design

Graphic design should provoke a reaction, using meaningful and relevant ideas to engage with your audience and leave an impression.

Responsive Web Development

A website needs to look beautiful, be user friendly, perform brilliantly in search engines and work perfectly on all modern devices.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


I believe my work speaks for itself. Browse my most recent projects below.

Craigmonie Hotel – ICTFC good luck flyer

Craigmonie Hotel – ICTFC good luck flyer

While You’re Away Property Management

Lets Go XII

  • :
FreshAir Salon

FreshAir Salon

Cowan Douglas Law

Highland Basketball Club

Cork to Fork

Cork to Fork

James Christie Photography

James Christie is a very experienced professional photographer based in Edinburgh. With over thirty years of experience in the photography industry his work has been published in every national daily broadsheet newspaper in the United Kingdom.

I am absolutely delighted with the website scott has created for my company. It is exactly what I needed to provide a major stamp on my growing client base James Christie – Photographer

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Bogbain Farm

  • Client: Yvonne Murray
  • Date: Aug 2012
  • Discipline : Photoshop


  • Client: Jools Lawson
  • Date: July 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator, Photoshop, Wordpress

Count Clockwork

  • Client: Khalid Hussain
  • Date: Sep 2012
  • Discipline : Photoshop

Graze by the Green

  • Client: Colin Hogg
  • Date: March 2012
  • Discipline : Photoshop

Daniel Moore PT

  • Client: Daniel Moore
  • Date: Aug 2012
  • Discipline : Photoshop

Bude Bikes

  • Client: Crowdsource
  • Date: Sep 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator

Ten9Eleven Clothing

  • Client: Crowdsource
  • Date: Oct 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator

Highland Boxing Academy

  • Client: Liam Foy
  • Date: May 2012
  • Discipline : Photoshop

The Highland Boxing Academy was founded in the spring of 2011 by its Head Coach, Liam Foy. 

Highlander Hostel

  • Client: Concept
  • Date: April 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator


  • Client: Terry Bowdon
  • Date: Sep 2012
  • Discipline : Photoshop

Moonshore is a Tarot consultant & Reiki practitioner in Inverness, Scotland

Mud Dog Brewing

  • Client: Euan Murdoch
  • Date: April 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator, Photoshop

Mud Dog Brewing is a small freelance business that specialises in brewing high quality beers and ciders.

Mr Twitchett’s

  • Client: Paul McLoughlin
  • Date: June 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator

Mr Twitchett’s Coffee House and Bar in Stroud, England

My Tesco app

  • Client: Ruaridh Maclennan
  • Date: July 2012
  • Discipline : Photoshop

I was commissioned by a friend of mine to design a concept for the upcoming My Tesco application. This was concepts only not coding.

Facilitating Fitness

  • Client: Rory Petrie
  • Date: Aug 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator, Photoshop

Ravensure Heating Ltd

  • Client: David Hallworth
  • Date: Sep 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator, Photoshop

Status Media

  • Client: Gary Collins
  • Date: March 2011
  • Discipline : Photoshop


Status Media are a marketing company based in London that specialise in social media and SEO.

Naked Beauty

  • Client: Suzanne Tan
  • Date: April 2012
  • Discipline : Illustrator, Photoshop

We are freelance beauty service that is also run from a treatment room within the home

Sweet Treats

  • Client: Kelly Mcdonald
  • Date: April 2012
  • Discipline : Photoshop

Sweet Treats is a full-service salon based in Inverness, Scotland.

Them & Us

Them & Us are Mark Mackenzie and Liam Macleod a producer duo that came together at the end of 2011.

Over the past year they supported Annie Mac, Simian Mobile Disco, Jack Beats and Zane Lowe and released their debut digital single, “The Bomb” and debut EP ‘Neon Lights’.

White Flag Clothing

  • Client: Ieuan Gittings
  • Date: Nov 2013
  • Discipline : Illustrator, Photoshop

The freshest brand to hit the streets in 2014!

I am absolutely delighted with the website scott has created for my company. It is exactly what I needed to provide a major stamp on my growing client base Scott Owens – S,Owens Joinery

Ruary Macleod Rally

  • Client: Ross Beaton
  • Date: Sep 2013
  • Discipline : Illustrator, Photoshop

Rally driver in the MSA British Rally Championship

I am absolutely delighted with the website scott has created for my company. It is exactly what I needed to provide a major stamp on my growing client base Scott Owens – S,Owens Joinery

S.Owens Joinery

  • Client: Scott Owens
  • Date: Dec 2013
  • Discipline : Wordpress

S.Owens Joinery are a small Inverness based company, who concentrate on high quality workmanship and 100% customer service in all aspects of Joinery

I am absolutely delighted with the website scott has created for my company. It is exactly what I needed to provide a major stamp on my growing client base Scott Owens – S,Owens Joinery

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